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Much of what we take for granted in everyday life can be a learning curve for children. Although as adults, we can simply find a way of finding our relevant information, be it online or through a series of guidance, children need to adopt skills in a slightly different way.

Of course, as a parent, it can be difficult to let go and allow the child some independence, but rest assured, it’s all for the best. Evidently, every child is different, so you may be a little bewildered as to what the best approach is when it comes to teaching your child to tie their shoes.

Encouragement is Key

Whether it’s learning to read, or learning how to solve a maths conundrum, there were times when children are blighted by the challenge in front of them. Putting shoes on the right foot can be a big deal for a child, so encouragement is vital. While it can be disheartening for children to realise they’ve made a mistake, However, a parent that reassures child that we can only learn from our mistakes will find that their child is more eager to get it right, rather than give up.

Offer Rewards and Incentives

There are some children who would rather get the ordeal out of the way, and their focus may not be as strong as you’d like. However, if you offer your child a reward or treat for accomplishing their goal, then you will usually find that they invest more time into the task-at-hand, keen to get their reward.

The rewards you offer are plentiful. For example, you may want to reward your child with some additional television time, or go and purchase a treat that they are allowed to choose.

Use Education Stickers

When it comes to a child learning new skills, it’s not unusual for parents to try a reward chart, and in many instances, this can be beneficial. However, a child that struggles with outing their shoes on the right feet could benefit from something that’s designed exclusively for the task. For example, the Learn Right Education Shoe Stickers are designed exclusively for children who are learning to put their shoes on the right feet. The stickers are simply placed inside the child’s shoe and offers clear illustrations that help them ensure they are putting their shoes on the right feet.

As well as being a useful learning aid, they can also help children when mum and dad aren’t nearby, for example when they’re attending nursery.

Your child will be so drawn in by the colourful designs that the monotonous side of learning is completely dismantled, and as such, your child will be putting their shoes on correctly sooner rather than later.

Practice Makes Perfect

While it may seem like something of a cliché, it’s true. The more we do something, the more our brain adapts and allows us to carry out the task flawlessly. As such, this message should be relayed to children, as well as an explanation as to what can be achieved when practising anything, not just putting on shoes.

Each child has their own personality, so you may need to tailor how you teach your child accordingly. However, with the right rewards and mindsets, there’s very little reason as to why your child can’t conquer the putting on shoes and move on to their next adventure.

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